Wednesday, 9 October 2013

~New Start New Blog~

Just to say I'll not be updating this blog anymore. I'll be keeping it up awhile as I know people still use it for guides and such.

I have a new one here

So please go follow my new one. It's a bloglovin follow only one so please check it out.

Sunday, 25 August 2013

~Recent gets~

So this is actually an up to date post -le gasp- 

But recently I got quite a few things! And a friend of mine (the lovely Paulina ) said I should show my haul, so here it is

Monday, 12 August 2013

~Emi's leaving meet - Hime Gyaru attempt~

So my beloved Emi will be moving to Japan soon to become a teacher soon and she was holding a leaving meet. For quite a while due to problems with my card and the fact it's so close to my payday it seemed I wasn't able to go TOT but My dad phoned me and sent me a little bit of money as we hadn't spoken in a while so I thought....WHY NOT I'll go now. Except I thought it would be a nicer surprise for her if I didn't say I was coming now! I even sent her a text while I was on the train to London saying I hope she had a good day and I was sad I wasn't coming.... LITTLE DID SHE KNOW

I was also in Hime gal for the day! It was the first time I did a full Hime outfit in forever so I was pretty nervous (But it went down well) But this meant it was pretty easy for me to disguise myself when Emi arrived because I didn't look like me!

Look under cut! (Image heavy post)

Sunday, 11 August 2013

~Lazy Ame is Lazy - Re-cap:Bunny's Birthday OOTD~

So this was almost a month ago now ToT

But for Bunny's birthday (well a few days before because it was the best time!) I took her out for a meal and we went to Days which is an all you can eat Chinese in Brighton! We often go here because it has sushi and Bunny lovessssss Sushi XD!!

Here was my face shot for the day!!
Eye makeup and outfit under cut!

Sunday, 4 August 2013

~Lazy Ame is Lazy - Re-cap: Ellen's makeover~

Title self explanatory! And I'veended up with a whole bunch of photos taken ready to blog...then just not posting them.


 Sooo a whileeee ago Ellen came round and I did a hair transformation on here (you can find it here) And not long ago she needed a place to stay the weekend (it was a great weekend ToT) and in return she did my makeup in a style she often does :O (Or similar)but it was totally completely different than what I usually look like so it was amazing!!

Before!!! (Only wearing base makeup here~)

After is under the cut~

Sunday, 7 July 2013

~I-Dolls UK introduction and lens review~

 So today is an introduction of a new UK Webshop! It's run by my beloved Shellei but I'm helping her out with it too! (I guess closest position I am is Creative Director? IDK) But it's not very old it has a Facebook Page where you can message about purchasing! The stock is small right now but we are working n getting more and more in for everyone!!

Here is a little introduction from Shellei:

"I-dolls is a UK based place to pick up Japanese and Korean lenses, I set it up due the fact I was tired of long waits for lenses to turn up and paying out not just for the lenses but for shipping too. And some months I wouldn't be sure if they would turn up in time for certain events. So I decided to look into setting up my own business to try and help other people too. I hope it picks up slightly, as I am trying to get Diamond Lash and other Asian cosmetics in that you can't easily pick up here. As I would eventually like to expand into doing more than lenses, as it's only one person running the orders and one other person helping on the Facebook page.
I would love it if people would check out my store as it is a very welcoming place to visit, even if you don't buy something there is no harm in looking."

So obviously that being said...I HAD to  get myself a pair ;D  onto ----

The Ordering and Shipping: - ★★

So I decided to go for the Pandora Vanilla Shake lenses in BLUE (my housemate ordered the green ones alongide mine!) and as I have Shellei on FB I messaged her directly, but for a normal customer you can message the page directly on facebook or send an email to She replied super fast and we paid and we got the lenses the day after they were shipped!! (so all in all fantastic fast service)

The Lenses:

Diameter: 19.5mm (however I'm going to say the actual print is more like 17mm)    
Water Content: 52%Base Curve: 8.60mm
 Life Span: 1 year disposal

I forgot to take a photo but these lenses actually come in their own little box in cute little ...sachet things rather than vials (SOOOOO much easier to open than vials)

Top: No makeup
Middle: Makeup, No lashes
Bottom: Full makeup!

Close up of the lens details, I think you can just about see this is actually a 4 tone lens - Blue, Navy, Purple and Black
I also find it so interesting the edge is designed jagged! I was worried this would look terrible but I was impressed. Also while not 19.5mm, 17mm is still a HUGE enlargement


Style: -★★
Seriously amazing! I love its mix of colour and roughness!

Comfort: - ★★★★
These lenses were only worn about 5/6 hours before my eyes felt pretty dry, even though the water content is much higher these still dried my eyes fast. Other than that...SUPER comfy

(This is for the overall look on the lens against my eye colour and fit)
These are my most favourite lenses. I loveee the colour, how it blends without being transparent. How vivid and stand out they are. So so so happy with these words can't describe!!

Some face shots of the lenses!!

If you are in the UK, please check out I-dolls UK, if not she does ship abroad so still go and check out the webstore!! It's growing slowly and surely but we need your help ^__^!!

Tuesday, 18 June 2013


While GFC ISN'T being discontinued like the rumor going around (Only Google reader which is linked to your GFC data is being discontinued) GFC is reallyyyy buggy and it does seem Google can't get round to sorting this out and are going to just let it fade out....

So just incase I have put my Bloglovin BACK on my page! (I did actually have it...then took it off again..) So if you want to make sure to click the button to follow my blog via Bloglovin too. I'd greatly appreciate it!!

Sorry it's just a short post, but at least it's a post XD!!!